The fresh new bits is actually titled „Metaphysical Investigation off Like,“ „Psychological Study off Like,“ and you will „The new Moral Data off Love

The fresh new bits is actually titled „Metaphysical Investigation off Like,“ „Psychological Study off Like,“ and you will „The new Moral Data off Love

The fresh new bits is actually titled „Metaphysical Investigation off Like,“ „Psychological Study off Like,“ and you will „The new Moral Data off Love

About after the point, „The newest Spiritual Translation,“ Wojtyla worries the passion for people persons, whom transcend the material universe, if you find yourself getting fruitful throughout the physical sense from the intimate need, will also be rich throughout the religious, moral, and private industries (p. 55). One and you will a female, as a result of its conjugal lifestyle and you may the full intimate relationship, hook on their own thereupon order, commit to capture an alternative part from the performs off design“ (p. 56). The newest generation of brand new peoples people is really so an act out-of procreation : „The latest sexual need owes the purpose characteristics so you’re able to the exposure to the new divine really works regarding creation. which advantages vanishes nearly completely in the event that all of our thought process was passionate precisely the physical order out of characteristics“ (p. 57).

Then takes up the problem out-of reciprocity away from like ranging from people individuals, the direction away from sympathy to enjoy, and you may closes which spend the a dialogue out-of betrothed like

The second part, „New Rigorist Interpretation,“ repudiates this new rigorist or puritanical interpretation of the sexual craving, and that claims you to in using kid and you can woman in order to guarantee the newest existence of one’s species Homo Goodness themselves „uses“ people while the method for an end, with the corollary you to conjugal existence and you may conjugal relationship are only crucial merchandise . On the other hand, brand new union away from boy and you can girl during the sexual intercourse, in the event the freely picked and you can justifed by the correct [marital] love ranging from people, is one thing an effective itself, in order for we can’t care for one to in using folk joined in-marriage to carry on the variety Jesus is utilizing them just given that method for a finish: „The brand new Creator’s usually is not just the preservation of kinds due to intercourse but also its maintenance with the base regarding a relationship really worth individual persons“ (p. 60).

Next part, „The fresh ‚Libidinist‘ Interpretation,“ Wojtyla symptoms the scene, well-known to help you Freud and lots of now, the intimate desire is applications gratuites de rencontres pansexuelles essentially a drive to have pleasure, getting pleasure. On the contrary, kid can perform knowing the part this new intimate desire plays on the divine order and you can understands the fresh new existential, individual meaning of the intimate desire. It has to perform with this really dear of products, anyone (p. 65), also it cannot be faster in order to just libidinist response.

Inside the „Final Observations“ Wojtyla talks of old-fashioned „ends“ out-of marriage: the brand new procreation and education of children, common help, and also the answer out of concupiscence. These types of ends should be know using the personalistic standard: „intimate morality and that conjugal morality consists of a reliable and you will mature synthesis regarding nature’s purpose with the pesonalistic norm “ (p. 67). Which norm was a good „idea on what just the right summation of each of one’s seeks stated, and of all of them along with her, depends–and also by correct After all in a way befitting son because a person.“ To locate this type of comes to an end rightly new virtue out-of love is required due to the fact „only once the a virtue does love satisfy the commandment of the Gospel and demands of one’s personalistic norm embodied because commandment“ (p. 67).

This chapter is high in blogs and have now a bit tough. I can just be sure to note a few of Wojtylas more important observations produced by Wojtyla. Brand new a lot of time section enjoys three major parts, for every divided into areas. „

This new sexual desire for the man, that is a written becoming, is linked on divine acquisition „inasmuch since it is know according to the lingering dictate away from Goodness the new Publisher

Just after a brief introduction toward almost inexhaustible richness regarding meaning found in the word „like,“ Wojtyla concentrates on about three basic points in every form of peoples, social love, namely destination, focus, and goodwill.

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