How To Create a Trading Platform Step-by-Step Guide

How To Create a Trading Platform Step-by-Step Guide

So, we have gathered the main elements that influence how much it costs to design an app listed below. Always choose programming languages and tech stacks based on the skill level of your developers and the resources at your hands. Highly qualified engineers can also assist you in selecting the best third-party APIs to incorporate into the platform to boost security and performance. This is the element of developing bespoke trading software that is fundamental. Your developers should evaluate the designs at this point and translate them into code.

trading platform design

Building the content management system was another fascinating yet complicated task. Creating an accessible UX for managing the lifecycle of the traders meant coming up with the solution from scratch. A properly designed information architecture results in seamless navigation. Recognizing the problem that online banking apps are often complicated, we focused on making the product accessible and user-friendly.


Product vision is a document that defines the primary aims of developing a custom trading application. The strategic vision of a product helps create a coherent development roadmap and onboard team members effectively. Although a high level of security characterizes blockchain technology, there are still some problems with trading platforms. For example, such applications do not sufficiently inform their users about using and storing private and public keys, where to store the crypto better, etc.

Web or mobile stock investing platforms development is always about developing different features. Let’s see, which of them are good to pay attention to in a stock trading app? For the visual representation of the features we use screenshots of the well-known Robinhood and Binance apps. The online trading market evolves rapidly, providing an avenue for businesses to profit.

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This can be especially beneficial for firms that trade in a variety of different markets and want to take advantage of market opportunities as they arise. An average online trading platform fetches data about stocks, cryptocurrencies, and other assets from different sources using API integrations. It analyzes and arrange fetched data to present it conveniently and share valuable insights. In any case, it’s required to onboard them to a project and share all the information. All details about your project will help developers clearly understand how to build a stock trading platform you need. Since trading platforms need to have a lot of helpful features and integrations with other services, selecting the required application programming interface integrations is also recommended.

  • There is a need to deposit and withdraw funds each time of trading.
  • Depending on the EMS, we connect to them either over the internet or via a FIX network.
  • You need a trustworthy trading app development partner who will take into account all of your goals and niche demands if you want the development of high-quality software to be truly effective.
  • He has tried many trading platforms, but would like to use one multifunctional platform.
  • Gate45 enables easy integration of the broker’s ecosystem with various industry-standard trading platforms.
  • Lastly, when used with primitive data types (e.g. a map of long → Object), garbage will be produced with almost every operation due to boxing/unboxing.
  • You can discover what your target audience needs, whether a professional or individual trader.

Users need a dashboard where they can see the amount of money they have invested and check whether their investment is growing or not. There they can also see the stocks and other securities they own and their purchasing power, i.e. the amount of money they have to buy stocks. Here it is absolutely necessary to add a feature of real-time information update, so that users can monitor the situation on the market. Users can’t start their investment journey in your app without a personal account where their activity is shown. Not many people want to spend a lot of time filling out information about themselves, so you should make registration as easy as possible.

Factors influencing stock trading app cost

We identified the primary user scenarios, determined key app functionality, created the information architecture and crafted an elegant and intuitive UI design. After the deployment of trading software, we constantly scale the product and stay by your side. This feature allows users to view/monitor all their quotes flow online. Once there is an opportunity for you or for your client, you will get notified immediately and can make a decision. Moreover, you can set up an alert in order to be notified about a desired trade event, and stop worrying — you will not miss an opportunity on the trading market. Apps like Robinhood make money by taking an interest rate from the uninvested funds that users keep in their accounts, similar to how a bank collects interest on cash deposits.

trading platform design

High-quality UI/UX can lead to higher engagement with your platform. As a result, the audience will use all the features offered by your app since white label crypto exchange development they will understand them well. One challenge the crypto industry faces is that it’s difficult for users to get started with the application.

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But now there are a lot of APIs that help build a stock trading app with secure connection of bank accounts to fintech apps quickly and affordably, for example, Plaid API. As practice has shown, in the process of developing such apps there is a need for an FAQ page and support. On the one hand, when you develop an application similar to what is already on the market, the audience already knows why they need such an application and how to use it. So, on one of the projects we created a whole portal with training materials — from the basics of trading to the strategies.

trading platform design

Read our article to know the pitfalls of developing your own platform. With every passing year, banks are losing their authority in the eyes of younger generations. Today you will unlikely see a Millennial or a Gen Z in front of a banking desk waiting to deposit their money. Instead, they are more likely to invest money in stocks of big companies and startups. Take Robinhood for example – 40% of its users are millennials and 32% – Gen Z. And every year, their needs and requirements are becoming more and more demanding.

Deployment and maintenance

Supported devices — The selection of devices and operating systems that support an online trading platform. For instance, a mobile trading app should work on iOS, Android, and iPadOS devices. Freemium — Basic features of an online trading platform are provided for free.


It would be best if you guaranteed technical support, troubleshooting, and regular upgrades after releasing the software to marketplaces. The line and bar charts, candlesticks, and other graphs are all considered by our UI designers. Their job is to use graphic and material design elements to translate those ground-breaking concepts into a visual representation. Our dedicated development team divides the project into backend creation and frontend development since we need excellent tools for WebSockets and chart display.

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